Setting Goals for a Healthier Life, and Achieving Them!

Setting Goals for a Healthier Life, and Achieving Them!

Feeling inspired to do differently in 2021? It’s that time of year when a lot of us make hopeful resolutions for the future, but it can be hard to actually make them a reality.

Here are some of my tricks for achieving your goals, whether you are getting healthier, moving house, or remembering to do those stretches your osteopath gave you!

  1. Keep your list of goals short, so it isn’t overwhelming. You may need to prioritise what feels the most important. This year I have one main goal, but I’m breaking it down into several smaller steps so that it feels more achievable and I can see my progress easily.
  2. Make a list of things you need to start doing regularly to make your resolution become part of the routine. Include a time frame; is it a daily change, weekly, monthly? Try to get the balance between ideal and realistically achievable.
  3. Schedule your resolution into your diary, like an appointment you don’t want to miss. Perhaps it is a case of improving your daily habits, like drinking more water, or taking more breaks from the computer, setting a regular reminder on your phone can help.
  4. Do you actually need to stop doing something to meet your goal, or make more time? List these things too, and again, keep them achievable!
  5. Start small and build on your success. Perhaps your goal is to get fitter, you could start with 5-10 minutes of additional exercise, and gradually increase it from there.
  6. Give yourself a pat on the back for even a little step on the path forward. I am trying to look at what I did towards my goal (however small), rather than focus on the (usually much bigger) list of things I didn’t manage that day. There is almost always tomorrow to do those things, so be kind on yourself.
  7. Have an accountability buddy. Someone who knows your goals and will cheer you on for every success.
  8. It takes about 2 months for a routine to become habit. I find regularly looking back at my original list helps me stay on track, and see how much I’ve done, even when my end goal is still work in progress, and feels a long way off.
  9. Remember you can always alter your plan if it isn’t working. We all get derailed at times from our aims. Try to redraw the parameters so that they are achievable in your current situation, but still helping you forwards. I have had to do this so many times, it can be frustrating and heart-breaking, but it is always a learning opportunity, and I take courage from the fact it is teaching me resilience.

These ideas may not be applicable to every one of your goals, but hopefully they are a helpful starting point on your road to success!

Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

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